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Cool Websites that help with your Grammar Hurdles

Cool Websites that help with your Grammar Hurdles

The good thing is there are cool websites for any grammar hurdles. Grammar hurdles are real. There are just some days where you could write lousier than other days. Having a hard time thinking of a word or phrase – there are websites to help you with that. Want to generally improve your English and writing skills – there are tools for that as well. Looking for a tool to automatically correct your grammar errors – there are websites for that as well.

Here are some of the best online tools and cool websites to help with your grammar hurdles:


This is one of the top-rated grammar checking apps on the internet. With a simple upload, the app will check all simple grammatical errors writers don’t even notice they make. It is accessible for both Windows and iOS. It has a plug-in for almost any app or device. Grammarly could be an add-on to a browser so any written content will be automatically checked – writing works, articles, emails, and more. It could be added to Microsoft software as well like Word, or Note. It could be added as a keyboard on mobile devices. Grammarly is accessible and free.

Lose the Very

Let’s all be honest, we all have the “very” sickness. Sometimes, it is just difficult to think of appropriate vocabulary for something we want to write down. With this website, bloggers could plug in any “very phrase” and it would generate appropriate vocabulary which not sounds too dictionary-like. It is great for quick vocabulary look-ups and produces immediate results too.


This website checks not only grammar and spelling errors but also provides suggestions to improve grammar. If bloggers want to double-check their work for errors, is the best place to go. It could also be added to browsers. There are also quick lessons provided for common grammatical errors, parts of speech, and punctuation.

Pro Writing Aid

This app is very similar to Grammarly but because of its premium features, it also comes with quite a price. However, if you do write for a living, this is one of the most noteworthy investments you could make as a blogger.

5 Minute English

If you have five minutes to spare for browsing your social media apps, then you have five minutes to spare to improve your English. This is one of the best grammar websites on the internet because it gives quick, but valuable, tutorials. It also focuses on specific areas of writing where mistakes are common.

Grammar Ninja

For anyone who wants to make grammar learning fun, the Grammar Ninja mobile app is one of the best. It is an exciting game that teaches anyone grammar. It is great for children and adults alike.

Lousy Writer

This is also a good learning website. However, unlike other websites, there are templates available for use. The website teaches how to write emails, resumes, blogs, ads, sales letters, and more.

Grammar Check

For anyone who wants to do a quick but thorough check on their work, Grammar Check is a good one to use. It offers “deep checks” for mistakes that are not easy to spot.

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Completely free and accessible. It could be a plug-in for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more. It is a very useful writing tool. It checks work for grammar mistakes, it explains what the error is and how to correct it in the future. Furthermore, it also provides synonyms, conjugations, and definitions.

Visual Thesaurus – Vocabgrabber

A visual thesaurus shows a map of all related synonyms to a word. Vocabgrabber provides all possible synonyms to words, phrases, and even sentences users find in other works. If you find a phrase, sentence, or word that intrigues you – Vocabgrabber could give explanations, synonyms, antonyms, and alternatives.

Phrases Thesaurus

As bloggers, there are just some commonly used phrases that are at the tip of your tongue. The Phrase Thesaurus is a good tool for finding that perfect, commonly used phrase. If you think of a word it will result in related phrases.

One Look

A complete dictionary search on the internet, one of the best tools for writing. It could search for any phrase containing the typed-in word. It could also search for other words that end or start with the typed-in word. It could also search words based on topics.

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