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Cowboy calls it a day

Cowboy calls it a day

David Krug, aka Liberal Cowboy has called it a day with a post at Jack of All Blogs announcing that he will be focusing on working behind the scenes at Blog Media and will no longer be blogging. Can’t say I don’t understand why he’s taken this path.

The announcement of course will be welcomed by a large number of people at 9rules, the network that really bought David to the spotlight to start with. Personally I haven’t always agreed with what David has written, but I have enjoyed the fact that he wasn’t afraid to push boundaries, to share openly his thoughts, and to ask questions out loud that many bloggers are often happy about to whisper about in private. Indeed I could have happily killed him for some of the stuff he’s written in the past (particularly the stuff he said about Darren Rowse), but as they say waving a red flag at a bull only makes things worse, doesn’t it. Diversity of opinion is a wonderful thing, we don’t always have to agree but we can still come to appreciate views that are sometimes different to our own, and even learn from them as well.

So adieu Cowboy as you ride into the blogging sunset. I know your drive and energy will be well focused and delivered behind the scenes at Blog Media. Some will say more positively channeled as well, but they are already saying that about me as well with The Blog Herald sale and bmedia :-)

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To paraphrase the quote wrongly attributed to Voltaire: I may not always agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

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  • Please. This is just another publicity stunt, and then lo and behold in two weeks (or less) the Cowboy, aka David Krug, will come back and grace us all with his completely misguided and hateful rants on anything and everything. I for one hope that this is the last time we have to read that the Cowboy is leaving, and for Pete’s sake – why is this even qualifying as news? Hopefully he’ll fade away for real this time.

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