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Cricket blogs go for a six

Cricket blogs go for a six

Cricket Blogs are starting to spin more Googlies than Shane Warne in a skimpy bar, according to the BBC.

Now, if any one have any inside information of how much money has been bet by the Australian cricket team, on the next Ashes Test match, so I can place my bet accurately on the outcome, please let me know. :-)

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  • u saying Australia playing coy all series ;-) …. play utterly garbage cricket and then build up for the big payout as we thrash the poms at the last hurdle ;-) what are the odds anyway?

    Maybe if Warnie was captain – only guy to show some spirit whole series

  • Over here in England the population has gone cricket mad … and all over a tiny urn containing the remains of two wooden bails burnt in the 1880s! Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? I think thrashing the Aussies may just have something to do with it. :-)

    My post “Ashes Test Crunch” was picked up by that BBC blog post you referenced and I’ve been inundated with cricket fans ever since. Not one has left a comment though. Clearly, they’re not regular bloggers. Maybe being slashdotted has its charms after all.

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