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Crikey slams bloggers

Crikey slams bloggers

High profile Australian political gossip site has slammed bloggers in an section of its subscriber email of 2 Dec (second edition) with this reference in relation to the proposed Australian Blogging Conference
“Four-eyed nerds from everywhere will be converging on Melbourne in February for the 2005 Australian Blogging Conference. Losers, lepers and social misfits who have previously only been able to interact with the world through the safety of their blog spots will come out into the light to meet their brethren face-to-face for the first time. What will happen? Only time will tell.”

Does this fit your description? Why not share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this blog, or relating your thoughts to Crikey editor Stephen Mayne at [email protected]

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  • Sounds like someone is either very threatened by bloggers or, more likely, simply wants bloggers to talk about him to get the free publicity.

  • Okay, I have my four eyes and a Firefox T-shirt so sure that might be kind of nerdish. But I’d much rather be considered nerdish that what I consider those at Crikey.
    Mayne and his cronies are backstabbing arseholes that couldn’t get anywhere before they starting peddling their fetishist idea of politics on the internet. Take a damn good look in your back yard before you start labeling others.

  • Hmm…since i am the main person behind the Blogging Conference, any chance you could send me exactly what was said in the newsletter??? I would love to know what the context of his comment is before i let loose the dogs of the blogospehere onto him and his website :)

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