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Darren Rowse on the “Today Show”

Darren Rowse on the “Today Show”

Duncan Riley> Darren Rowse from appeared on the Today Show here in Australia this morning, and whilst Darren did an excellent job in talking about blogs I couldn’t help but cringe, not because of Darren’s performance, but because I wanted to smack Tracy Grimshaw in the face every time she opened her mouth. According to Grimshaw, blogs are “online diaries”, “online journals” and for memory the words above the dual picture box which showed Darren and Grimshaw side by side read “INTERNET DIARY” in capitals as well. Darrens captions weren’t to bad however, Darren was labelled as a “Blogging Expert” and the follow up lower byline read “BLOGGING POWER”. Darren was then compared to Bruce Willis and Barbara Streisand, so he was in celebrity company, although I’d think that emphasising celebrity blogs demeans blogging in that the blogosphere is meant to be about everyone, not just celebrities. Oh well….given the ratings of the Today show this year I’d be surprised if they’ll be back next year, and now I can flick back to GWN to watch Koshie and Mel on Sunrise :-)

Video of the interview is avaiable here (IE only). Type in blogging in the search box to get the video up.

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  • bit of an uphill battle unfortunately – but to be honest I wasn’t expecting much more in a 4 minute spot on a news day like today :-)

    Oh well – it was a fun experience – now it’s back to life.

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