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Darrens got a blog crush!

Darrens got a blog crush!

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Darren over at Problogger has been smelling the spring pollen and love has gone to his head….will in part anyway. Darren’s calling for people to write about their blog crushes, their favorite blogger and why they are their favorite blogger. After the last two weeks I’m probably ruined any chance of blogging admiration personally (is there a blog hate list out their :-) ), but I will share, in order, my first couple of daily reads.

Micro Persuasion

after that its any of a number depending on who has posted over night, although the 3 listed normally have posted which is why they always get my initial eyeballs in the morning, and all three are a bloody good read. Darren will have some good tips and news stories, Nick has a good mix of SEO, Blog and tech related news (and often provides a good laugh as well), and Steve will be linking to someone interesting on a variety of blog/ marketing/ PR related topics.

There is one good lesson though, I’m more likely to read bloggers who write regularly. I’ve had to cut back on some feeds lately because I try to limit myself to roughly 100 subs (its more managable this way). The blogs I’ve cut aren’t delivering regular content. I’m not subscribing to someone who writes once or twice a week, unless I know them personally, or their one or two posts are a must read.

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