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Dear America: Australia is right by your side

Dear America: Australia is right by your side

There has, and always will be, a natural affinity between Australia and America. Both countries share a lot in common. A youngish country, made up of mostly immigrants looking for a better life.

We’re both an enterprising bunch always looking for adventure, sports loving and we share a lot of the same culture. So when America gets attacked we stand by our friend. And the attacks of September 11 was no different. The vast majority of Australians stand by America – forget the loony fringe who moan and complain, they are a very small minority. The “real” Australia is with you guys 100% of the way.

Many Australians have mixed feelings about our Prime Minister, John Howard, and how he has steadfastly stood by George W Bush and his “war on terror”.

I am pleased to say that I am right behind my Prime Minister in sticking by America where many other countries failed to do so.

America – today we stand with you, side-by-side in your day of mourning and rememberance.

For Aussies, here are some of our own newspapers and the reporting of this day…

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For those who are interested, I have written a piece on today
at The Blog Columnist.

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  • Hey Mike,

    Duncan is a strange fella. Tact is not his most strong suit. I noticed he’s been attacking Americans quite a bit lately. Not sure why.

    But it’s not just against America – he even insultated many with some comments on Steve Irwin – there were things on his blog that appalled me on that front but I did not comment on them.

    You of course know that Duncan Riley is part owner of b5media? I wonder how the other partners feel about this.

    BTW Mike, did you read my post at The Blog Columnist on today? That was the most hardest piece I’ve ever written in more than 10 years of writing.

  • Yup every1else inOZ … here comes the loony fringe.

    minority, eh! Of course, who doesn’t like a good old fashioned conspiracy theory??? It brings out all the trolls and scum from under their rocks.

    Most Americans (and Australians) are too busy living their lives and moving on to waste their breathe on issues you idiots rant and rave about.

    Are you sure you are not blinded and foaming at the mouth by your anti-Bush hatred to think straight? Me thinks so.

  • Hi,

    It is always enlightening to see real people in the world. Thanks, for the sentiments I fell the same about Australia. I have; as they say, “Traveled the world around.” You hear ultra liberals (aka, hypocrites) in any country say “Yah, they hate the USA everywhere”. But when I visit those countries mostly I find envy of the freedom the USA has and the same for Australia. Mostly they want to move here. So, if the hypocrites were correct then the USA would not have an immigration problem. Gee, and we do! Wrong again! But then they are so deluded in their simplistic, unrealistic views of the world I never listen to them. In fact any group that is that far out on the branch (LEFT or RIGHT) is destined to break it and fall. I’m the trunk of the tree type that takes a realistic view of the world. There never has been ‘world peace’ and there never will be. That would mean everyone thinks exactly alike. Never will happen. You have to be willing to confront evil when it occurs. Whether it is Hitler and the Nazis or today’s followers of Islam who espouse the idea of a totally Islamic world and follow the example of Mohammad of ‘Submit or die’. There have always been wackos, but religious ones are the worst.

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