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Decisions, Decisions…

Decisions, Decisions…

I’m 32 years old at this point, and I’ve made alot of stupid decisions, a couple really smart decisions.. and many that would fall somewhere in between those two…

Chris Pearson, who designed this version of The Blog Herald, is much younger than I.. and much smarter.. as you can tell from his post about How to Make the Right Decision:

The next time you’re faced with a big decision in life, look no further than yourself and your past for guidance. As long as you never let a decision cost you something that is uniquely you, you will always make the right decision. Screw money – it’s not you. If a decision costs you money (or possessions, or whatever), you’ll get over it. However, if it costs you something that you love, you’ll be like me and wake up one morning wishing that you hadn’t made such critical mistakes.

Chris talks about one of the more important lessons he’s learned about making decisions, which is rather than trying to follow along in the name of pragmatism… it’s better to make sure that you don’t compromise your happiness.

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I had a very wise boss one time earlier in my career who told me that I should always make decisions by listening to your heart.. then validating that with your brain.. and then deciding accordingly….

How do you approach making decisions?

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  • When I was young all decisions that I had to make were “no-brainers.” I decide on impulse. Now, as someone with two kids and an ever understanding wife, I decide base on the question: “Is this good for the family?”

  • Being 32 also, the decisions I made in my twenties seem irrelevant to the decisions I make today. However, without those decisions made in my twenties I would not be where, or who I am today. Would I like to go back and change things up a bit that happened in my twenties? Not particualarly.

    As an artist my heart rules my decision making process. I find as I get older it is ruling more and more. But as to the brain and heart connection; it withers sometimes. I can fly with a fabuous idea for hours only to be tired out from it, set it aside while another idea comes to light and this repeats adnosium. By the time I am able to return to the intiial idea it’s become idealistic somehow and the thought of going through with such an idea evolves into the “I need money game”.

    As an individual I want to do what I want as anyone who inhabits this earth. We all have the same basic needs, food, shelter and above all love. The heart is love; it is pure emotion that rules all others. What you do with love is what your brain decides.

    The process of making a decision has been black and white for the most part through my life. I crave the grey area but have been unsuccessful say if the grey matter is money, suppose. I trust that through continuing to do what I love the shade of grey will begin to materialize. Where blogging is concerned I hope that where my shortcomings are visable someone else will be black and white in those areas, in essence filling the grey in for me. And I in exchange can fill the grey in for him/her.

    That is where the value of networking or belonging to a community, come in. The black and white can be mixed to create any shade of grey needed benefitting not only the individual blogger but the community as whole. As an indivisual recognizing what you are not capable of doing and hence asking for help is a good start on making decisions. Then the problem could arise as, how best to ask for help with the grey area. What if no one responds or is willing to look beneath and read between the lines as to see the real person who is asking for said help? If we are asking for help in areas we are unfamiliar with (grey area) we may not know how to best ask (or word) the question for the benefit of both asker and answerer.

    That last sentence is where I find myself today; making decisions educated to the best of my ability in said grey area in hopes of an answer or some help. If you honestly don’t know how to ask for what you need how can a decison be made? I guess one has to be happy with recognizing the fact that as an individual you cannot do it all.

    That was a great post Matt. I have read it a couple of times now and read Personified.

    ; ) that’s my 2¢

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