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Dell enters Chinese blogosphere

Dell enters Chinese blogosphere

Dell announced the launch of Direct2Dell Chinese, becoming the first computer systems company to open a corporate blog in Chinese. The new blog was announced on the eve of Michael Dell’s latest visit to China.

“By listening directly to Chinese customers through digital-community tools and networks, Dell can deliver better, more customized products and a superior experience,” said Michael Dell. About one-fifth of the world’s population speaks Chinese.

At Direct2Dell Chinese, bloggers from Dell management, engineering, customer care and sales will blog about products and services, discuss IT trends, share work and life experiences, and listen to customers’ feedback. Readers are encouraged to suggest topics and leave comments to interact with Dell bloggers.

We can only hope that all these blogging can resurrect Dell to where it used to be.

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Direct2Dell Chinese is an extension of Dell’s existing English-language corporate blog which started in July 2006. The company has been using Web 2.0 tools to develop deeper relationships with customers. Last month, Dell launched IdeaStorm, an online community where customers can post ideas on technology and Dell products, services and operations. Another digital communications tool from the company, StudioDell, enables customers to watch, download and upload videos and podcasts on Dell-related products and better harness emerging technologies.

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  • well
    good for dell
    is this just going to be a translation of dell’s already existing blog or will it be a completely separate entity?

  • Hi Broc

    This new Dell corporate blog is not just a translation of our existing english blog. It is related to direct2dell but an entity that reaches customers who speak Mandarin. There may the occassional cross-over story, but it is its own blog

  • Hi Broc,
    I am Jacqui Zhou from the Direct2Dell Chinese blog. Our audiences are customers who prefer to communicate in Chinese. Therefore content wise, we focus on Dell’s operations in China and other major Chinese-speaking countries in the world. We address topics that are most important to our customers in these areas. If you go to our site– (and I assume you read Chinese:-)), you will find we had posts specific from China: one on new channels for Chinese customers to get tech support and another on where Dell stands in the China RoHS regulation. Hope it explains!

  • Language and society directed blogs are very exciting. I really curious as to how topics would change from an English-market blog to a Chinese-market blog. Is there that much of a cultural and societal difference that a translated blog from English wouldn’t cover, besides China-specific products and services?

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