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Digging new holes

Digging new holes

Businessweek’s Rob Hof reports that Digg will soon be covering more than tech:

At a Web 2.0 panel at the eBay Developers Conference today, President Kevin Rose said that in the next month or so, the popular site–where people vote on stories submitted by others, with the highest vote-getters moving to the top of the front page–will add coverage of world news, entertainment, politics, and more. Major redesign is in the works.

It will be interesting to see how this approach works versus the approach used by sites like TailRank and TechMeme, which are far more automated than the democratic commons that Digg represents.

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  • Compare the results of Tailrank, TechMeme and Digg. You’ll notice that Digg is a lot more sensational than the memetrackers.

    Different output and I think a different audience…

    I like Digg btw I’m just pointing out that they’re slightly apples and oranges here.


  • Honestly, I find better quality content on tailrank and techmeme than I do on Digg. I could do without the sensationalism that makes up most of what happens on Digg…


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