Diggs for sale in organized fashion

User/Submitter is a new service that connects publishers with diggers. Have a story? Then hand over the cash and User/Submitters’€™ dig users will digg it for you ‘€“ and you might even end up on the frontpage of Digg. That’€™s serious stuff, The Blog Herald knows that.

Publishers get to pay $20 and an additional $1 per dig, and digg users can get paid $0.50 for every 5 stories they digg. It seems real enough but I don’€™t really know, we’€™ll find out soon I’€™d reckon since the blogosphere tends to flush out the frauds.

It’€™s kind of like Payperpost for Digg. If it turns out to be a hit I’€™m pretty sure it’€™ll be a nail in the eye for the people at Digg since it sure hurts the whole open social feel of the site.

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  • I guess it was only a matter of time before this happened. If it’s for real ( which it seems to be…. I was afraid of this exact model for quite some time ) then Digg as we know it could be done. I’ve never been a big Digg fan myself, mainly due to the unpredictability of it. It can be swayed easily by the masses, and when you put a few bucks behind it, then there’s plenty of room for corruption. Let’s hope this site and idea gets shut down quickly.

  • I would have thought it would be fairly simple for Digg to detect and stop – if the same crowd of people digg stories which no-one else seems to be digging, you can work out that there is something wrong. In fact, they already have algorithms in place against ‘herds’ of diggers taking control over whether a story reaches the front page.

  • Well, this will be the end of digg as we know it, imo. As it defeats the purpose of it being open to all.

    All this is is professional gaming – highest bidder wins.


    HOW TO DO?

  • This kind of gaming is going for a while in Digg. I won`t be surprised to see Kevin Rose putting more Censorship on Digg submitted stories, but this will again be met by uproar by Diggers.

    I have done similar stories on same issue in past over here.

  • One very interesting thing mentioned in this Digg fraud site … (User/Submitter)

    Those wanting to bury all stories coming from U/S, note that 80% of the stories are randomly selected from Digg. Some sets are entirely random.
    More later.

    These guys are determined to game Digg, and have given a good analysis to all loopholes they might find at. What the world is coming to…

  • Well, well, well.

    I step out of the blogoshere so I (the royal “I” of course) can have a baby and Boom! This drops out the sky.

    Institutionalized gaming of Digg? A total non surprise.
    Here’s where usersubmitter might be gaming its users though — there’s a certain way for stories to get dugg to the frontpage, because that’s where the cash money is.

    And it isn’t for any ol’ joe shmoes to Digg it up. The new algo change because of the circle digg effect may have changed things, but getting ANY ol ‘ person to digg your story is going to end up having a minimal spike in your traffic … and the person paying getting the short end of the stick.

    Anik — thanks for the link. I’ve also posted on Digg shenanigans.
    If anyone wants a history of it, they can go here:

    More to come on this issue folks … keep your eyes open for it.

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