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Do I do interviews

Do I do interviews

A simple question from email: do I do interviews?
Answer: yes, happy to do Blogs, Podcasts, Newspapers or Radio. Television can be a problem though given my location, but I’d be happily flown to the United States at the media outlets expense to partake in a TV interview :-)

Note: remember the time difference though, Im +8 GMT

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  • I enjoyed your podcast with Andy Wibbel a little while back. Should bloggers and citizen journalists go MSM? Whyever not. They need all the support they can get :-)

  • Honestly John I enjoyed the chat with Andy as well. I’ve got another interview lined up in August with an internet radio station in Las Vegas, but thought I’d open the offer further, a little self indulgent I know, but I’d love to do something similar again, plus talking to other people in that format gets your mind working as well.

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