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Does Gawker Media Hate America?

Does Gawker Media Hate America?

Interesting quote over at PerezHilton:

Most enlightening for us was the revelation that Gawker turns away advertisers that are too “low rent”. The site’s ad manager boasts that it takes no Ford or Chevy ads because “we hate American cars” and no pharmaceutical ads because their readers are “beautiful and healthy”.

I know if I started saying that I hated Australian cars I’d be in trouble (I dont, except Fords). Does our friend Nick the Pom hate his adopted homeland?

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  • Denton is protecting his brand.

    Why should he have Ford ads on his site when it’s common knowledge that his readers would probably prefer to be seen on an elephant than behind the wheel of an Escort?

    I don’t think it means that Denton hates America.

    It means that Denton hates crap.

  • Denton and everyone at Gawker media simply know their audience and the kinds of products that would appeal to them. Every publisher has the right to turn down whatever they want. Gawker Media is just more vocal about it. And they are successful enough to be able to do so.

    Australia makes cars? :-)

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