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Don’t forget to nurture the mini Adsense empire

Don’t forget to nurture the mini Adsense empire

I know, I know, this isn’€™t particularly new to someone who’€™s been in the blogosphere for a while, but still. There’€™s a post over at ZenPhoto about Adsense empires, why you should jump on the shady side of it, and how you could build a mini Adsense empire yourself.

The strategy for that last part, in seven steps:

1. Find a potentially profitable niche.
2. Create a website consisting of a home page giving an overview of the chosen niche and 5 supporting pages, each focused on a particular aspect of the niche.
3. Run a five dollar AdWords campaign to get your site immediately indexed by Google. Kill the campaign after a couple of days (unless your site is getting a lot of cheap hits in which case you can try and sell something).
4. For three weeks, submit your site to five URL directories a day with a PR (Page Rank) of 4 or better. The goal is getting backlinks.
5. Submit three articles about your niche subject to article directories. No PLR articles. The goals are getting backlinks and visitors.
6. After three weeks add AdSense ads to your site.
7. Back to step 1 and repeat the process.

Makes sense, right? You should definitely think about these things when it comes to your blogging.

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  • Heyya,

    Thanks for the link and the summary. Certainly these are easy to do and straight forward steps to take, although there’s many more to take if you really want to make a new site successful ( as you no doubt are well aware). :)

    One caveat I would add to step 4 (adding site to url directory) is to ensure Google PR will actually get passed from that site’s page. i.e. the urls they feature don’t have nofollow links or redirects, check the metatags to ensure there’s nothing funny there, also check Google itself… pop in the url page’s url and see if it recognizes it (in case there’s an .htaccess or robots.txt manipulation going on).

    Additionally, in step 5 (submitting a few articles). If you only submit to a limited number of article directories, consider using my free resource page where 200+ directories are listed by Google PR rank and also by categories.

    That’s particularly important if one of the Niche article directories relates to your article’s theme. Those would be optimum to submit to. Otherwise, you should submit to the most relevant directory site with the highest Google PR.

    My resource page has been number 1 on Google for ‘article directories’ (no quotes) for the LONGEST time, but today the results for it are flipping around like a landed sea bass, so clicking on my name here will work if you want to check it out. :)

    Just fyi and thanks for the post.


  • Thord I read the article last night. It doesn’t seem so shady.

    Tonight for instance while out helping a friend who was putting a Live PA show on I was talking to many people. They simply go on the internet for entertainment or to buy something or are looking for entertainment. They honestly don’t CARE about what link makes money and what link doesn’t. I find it fascinating that we, the blogosphere are having such a debate about ads or text link ads apperaing on websites.

    We ARE all AD BLIND, that is those of us who blog. We are smart and educated enough to know the difference. Yet sometimes i keep wondering why none of us actually click on the ads of personal friends/bloggers sites? I have begun doing it as of late. Not all… maybe 10%. The ones that draw me in enough to click them are either too beautiful, very well written or simply just not like all the rest. I’ve found nine times out of ten the content appearing after click-through and page leap tend to be decent.

    That’s all my thaughts at the moment :)

    I mean think of it this way – the more links are clicked, the more the money gets distributed evenly around the blogosphere/internet. – another thaught.

    The gaps between the very very VERY wealthy sites will eventually funnel down to us. This is why cooporations are pissed and looking to governments to protect their interests YET again. I like to think this will be the first time in a very long time where the individual will prevail. – lasting thaught ;)

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