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Douchebrity no longer?

Douchebrity no longer?

Looks like Douchebrity may have bit the bullet. Guess it doesn’t always pay to be nasty to people :-)

(thanks to She Who Must Be Obeyed for the tip!)

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  • Duncan,

    Your hat tip for “She Who Must Be Obeyed” leads to the profiles of the staff at Master Builders Association of Western Australia.

    So which one is she? :-)


  • I’m already in trouble for the link so had to remove it, but I’ll give you a clue, my wife is no feminist so she did the right thing with her surname :-)

  • Aaah Ha!

    The history folder, plus the “don’t you dare tell” comment. Gotcha! LOL…

    Ooooooh – “She Who Must Be Obeyed?” Hope you enjoyed the couch last night ROTFL.


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