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Enraged Fox Subpoena’s Google For YouTuber ID

Enraged Fox Subpoena’s Google For YouTuber ID

It looks like Google’s dedication to the privacy of its users will tested once again. Twentyth Century Fox has filed a subpoena against the search engine king in order to reveal the identity of a certain YouTuber who uploaded a certain episode of the show 24 online.

(Digital Bulletin) The subpoena, which was filed by a judge in California on January 18, could spark a heavyweight media collision between 20th Century Fox and Google, which acquired social media site YouTube for $1.65bn last year. It was also issued to lesser-known video-sharing site LiveDigital. […]

The new episodes of ’24’, which stars Kiefer Sutherland and Elisha Cuthbert, appeared on YouTube on January 8, six days prior to its official January 14 premiere on News Corp-owned broadcaster Fox.

Google has currently suspended the account of the account of the YouTuber, who went by the name of ECOtotal. Google (as usual) has provided no comment over the subpoena, although this latest incident makes one wonder whether or not the search engine king is actually enforcing its copyright policy, something they vowed to do last year in October.

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It will be interesting to see how Google deals with the case, and whether or not this will affect their current “delete the video, spare the user” policy.

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