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Essential Traits That Will Help Bloggers Work From Home Successfully

Essential Traits That Will Help Bloggers Work From Home Successfully

With the continued rise of the freelancer and sudden shift to remote working for the rest of the working population, many workers may be asking the question: Is working from home right for me? Freelancer careers like blogging have exploded in popularity in recent years and for someone looking to launch their freelance career, it can seem like the perfect option. As of 2020, there were now over 600 million blogs available.  However, while there have been countless articles on the benefits of pursuing a freelance blogging career full time, it may not always be the perfect fit for everyone. It has been said that working from home is only suitable for certain jobs- and people.

So how do you know it is right for you? Whether you are a seasoned freelance blogger or just beginning your transition to freelance full-time, here are some key personality traits found in work from home freelancers.

Are You Good With Change?

While most work from home employees will say that their jobs can get monotonous, a freelance blogger’s day can take a different turn each day. This is because as a freelancer, you are responsible for all functions of your blogging career from time management to developing affiliate links and gaining sponsors. A person who is more open to change would be better suited to such a role where their daily tasks can vary every day and according to activity. If, on the other hand, you crave a sense of structure and schedule of defined hours and tasks, working from home as a freelancer may prove difficult unless you can set clear boundaries or decide to outsource some parts of running your blog like the marketing or administrative tasks.

Are You An Introvert Or Extrovert?

Working from home often means reduced human contact and social interaction for most. It is this aspect that is often used as a drawback in the remote working argument since social isolation and loneliness can be magnified if employee well-being is not managed properly. It is no different for a full-time blogger.

One personality trait that can help you as a freelancer working from home is introversion. Those with introverted and rational characteristics are often seen as quiet, reserved, or even antisocial. However, they are also more likely to embrace progressive ways of living, including a non-traditional mode of work like freelancing. Introverts also take longer to process information, based on a study in the Journal of Motor Behavior. Also, while extrovert workers will seek and enjoy social interactions including those in the workplace, introverts will find it difficult or overwhelming.

According to Min Lee & Nass (2003), extroverts also tend to speak more often and initiate more conversations, making in-office communication easier for them. Another point is that introverts prefer working in quiet and independent settings, much like remote working. Given the large role your personality plays in your relationships and career, it is worthwhile taking the time to consider which category you would fall into. A simple introvert vs extrovert quiz can help you decipher whether you are an introvert or extrovert. Alternatively, imagine yourself in potential situations that could arise as a freelance blogger like attending social networking events and how you would cope with them.

Are You Self Motivated?

Most bloggers get the benefit of defining their work hours. However, just because you can dictate when and where you work doesn’t always mean you are inclined to. Procrastination is one of the most common and feared drawbacks for freelance workers, whether they are employees or their own boss. To avoid procrastination as a blogger, self-motivation, and accountability is key.

Scientifically, self-motivated people have higher levels of dopamine. So, if you find yourself more inclined to keep moving and get tasks done during the day, then you may be well suited to working from home. Since making the transition to a full-time blogging career is likely to be for the long term, you must be able to motivate yourself and keep the momentum going.

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Another way you can ascertain whether your motivation levels are enough is to take a self-motivation quiz, easily available online from psychology websites. Also, there are other ways freelance bloggers can encourage self-motivation even in trying times like now. Start with planning your day. Studies have shown the positive effects of creating a to-do list and setting daily goals. Freelancers should also prioritize breaks and exercise by working in 90-minute work blocks and ensuring they get out for fresh air and physical activity.

Do You Have Great Self Discipline?

If there is one trait that fellow freelance writers and bloggers will attest to, it is the presence of self-discipline. To build your brand and online presence as a blogger, consistency is key. Running a blog full time can have a lot of moving parts, not just content publication. Some of these other aspects like establishing affiliate marketing and blogging collaborations will play a monumental role in not only getting your full time freelancing blog career off the ground but also generating a decent income from your blog.

Therefore, freelancer bloggers must utilize personalized strategies to keep them on track- whether it is sticking to a content posting schedule with the help of social media scheduler software or dedicating15 minutes every day to plan upcoming content for your blog.

Working from home is not for everyone, just like a freelancing career in blogging. If you do find you lack the key traits to succeed in your new full-time blogging role, there are always ways you can help yourself adapt to the change or shift to a work environment that works for you. The key is to find a working setup that works for your career, your personality, and your productivity- whatever that may look like. However, keep in mind that a successful career in freelance blogging requires much commitment, dedication, and hard work- much like any other career there is out there.

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