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Even the pandas get it!

Even the pandas get it!

The world’€™s starting to wake up and smell the roses, or whatever’€™s growing outside the window. Blogs are the new black, and not only something for geeks ‘€“ no matter what John Evans thinks.

Even the Chinese pandas gets it, and they are near extinct! You would think that they have other things to attend, like getting it on and saving the bloody race, right? But no, this panda is taking time to blog about the weather and things, all according to The Blogging Times who apparently can read Chinese (or use Babelfish).

Seriously, this is a nice stunt to remind people about the peril of near-extinct pandas. It especially appeals to younger people of course, but still ‘€“ good thinking Chinese Panda Caretakers People Who Also Work With Breeding. And you, dear reader, should read up on pandas!

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