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Even Truckers Have Fun In CyberSpace

Even Truckers Have Fun In CyberSpace

Living on the road can be adventurous to some, but it can also be lonely. Truckers make a living making sure our Wal-Mart’s and grocery stores are well stocked, but sometimes their social circles are limited to where they make a pit stop.

A site called Trucker Passions has come to change that, by hooking up truckers with other truckers (as well as the families around them).

(The Open Press) Trucker Passions was created specifically for those people…for people with trucking in their blood, for people in the trucking industry, and for the ever popular, trucker groupies. While many mainstream online dating sites allow members to define their profession as Transportation related, or maybe even Trucking, very few go any deeper than that. Trucker Passions is focused exclusively on the trucking community, which means that the people on the site already ‘get it’. Rather than starting a conversation by having to explain what a trucker does for a living, you can start your conversation with what type truck you drive, and what you haul…and have the other person actually understand what you are talking about.

Google minimalists will probably not enjoy this social network, as its appearance is a bit “noisy” (sort of like Yahoo). However, once a user has filled out their profile (which is several pages long with threats of deletion if inaccurate) they will find an active community in which to participate.

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The site is highly recommended for singles only however, as I did come across a trucker whose wife caught him “with his pants down” (i.e., looking for love in all the wrong places).

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