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Farkgate: Fark sells links for dollars

Farkgate: Fark sells links for dollars

Wired is reporting that Jason Calacanis of WeblogsInc has outed as a seller of links for dollars. Calacanis, who is well known in the blogosphere for his blogging for dollars network, takes the moral highground with this quote:
“I was shocked because I had come to trust the brand [fark] and the person behind it,” Calacanis said. “Anything that is an advertisement should be labeled as an advertisement. This is not rocket science.”
He may have a point but an uber-blog the size of Fark would be facing huge hosting bills and as long as the content is keeping with the theme of the site, good on them for making a quid.

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  • That’s a false justification. Everyone has bills to pay, and no one would fault Fark for selling adlinks. The issue is presenting those links as highly-placed editorial content instead of highly-placed paid-for ads. Identification is the key, otherwise you can’t put any stock into whatever Fark “recommends”. Credibility is all a site like that has, and once that’s compromised, the site is useless.

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