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Feedster closes Series A financing

Feedster closes Series A financing

Blog search and advertising network Feedster, Inc., has announced it has closed its Series A round of venture financing. Feedster will use the money to accelerate development and marketing and greatly expand its server infrastructure in order to serve searchers and customers better.

The investment was led by Selby Venture Partners, a leading early-stage venture firm in Silicon Valley, with additional funds from existing investors Omidyar Network, members of the New York Angels, and prominent angel investors. Feedster’€™s angel investors include Kevin Hartz, co-founder of Xoom, Joe Kraus, co-founder of Excite and Jotspot, Josh Kopelman, founder of, Scott Kurnit, founder of, Mark Pincus, founder of and, and Narendra Rocherolle, founder of Webshots.

“As Feedster continues to grow from early adopters of our blog and RSS search technology to the broader market, we need to expand our team and infrastructure to meet market demands,’€? says Scott Rafer, Feedster president and CEO. “This new round of funding allows us to quickly deploy enhanced features for ad delivery, search, and content syndication.’€?

‘€œThe rapid emergence of blogs and RSS as a new publishing media shows great potential value for publishers, marketers, financial businesses, and news,’€? says Marco DeMiroz, a Managing Director of Selby Venture Partners. ‘€œFeedster is already a market leader in blog search and content syndication. With this round they will further distance themselves from the field to solidify their leadership.’€?

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  • If any infrastructure needs to be redeveloped it’s for changing the way internet service is delivered. When the internet infrastructure was developed was developed there were no Hackers, There was no broadband and there was wireless. There was just a personal Cpmputer. So an infrastructure was devised wherein all documents were stored in a server owned by others. All you needed was a personal computer to access this server and order the documents stored in this Server. This gave rise to Hackers who found a way to get the documents stored by total strangers and replace them with altered documents.

    But now things have changed. We don’t just have personal Computers. We have cellular phones and cellular Handsets that send text messages. Originally these devices were based on successively 700 MHz spectrums, 800 MHz, 1900 MHz. Believe it or not. All of these spectrum cost a lot of money. But now these people, who bought these high priced spectrums, will have to buy higher priced spectrums called 3G (3rd Generation) spectrums (2000 MHz).

    But sadly all the devices (cellular Phones) based on these high priced spectrum, although costing as much as $550 (for example NEC c606 whose distributor is Singapore Telecommunications), can still be used for making cellular phone calls although they have higher capabilities.

    But if you want to avail of wireless internet service you must still make use of your 802.11 chip equipped Laptop that will make use of low frequency spectrums (less than 5MHz) hot spots.

    I wish I was as resourceful as Feedster is. I could then raise capital to have the internet code rewritten that will change the way Internet service is delivered. That means changing the role of client. It’s a personal Computer owned by the person who wants to surf the internet. The new role would simply be to communicate or command a remote server to perform all internet related tasks And you are in Business.

    You would no longer need a personal Computer, iPod or iRiver (a device made by a Korean Company). All you’d need is a Bluetooth that costs only $350. You wouldn’t need expensive NEC c606.

    I’m a very optimistic person. I hope some greedy manufacturer of cellular Handsets would read my comments and finance my cost of rewriting the internet code if ony the Blog Herald would post my Comments.

    I can guranty you that the financier would make more money by selling his HANDSETS than the Feedster financiers would make. I can be reached at [email protected]/

    How is that for a news item, Blog Herald ?

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