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Finefools offloading Celebrity blog

Finefools offloading Celebrity blog

Paul Scrivens of 9rules fame is selling the Fine Fools blog on SitePoint with a buy it now price of $25,000.

Given I seem to get into trouble every time I provide comment on another blog network lately I’ll leave it at this :-)

(via JOAB)

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  • That’s a lotta cash to ask. And yes Duncan, asking that much is probably a publicity tactic to get the blogging press to cover it. It worked too ;-)

    I have a site that does double those traffic numbers and 2X+ in earnings and thought of selling with a BIN price of $10k, but I know I’d have to fight tooth and nail to get anywhere near that. When I get 1mil+ pageviews a month I may consider putting it on the block again though.

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