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First Indian blog network to be launched Oct 5

First Indian blog network to be launched Oct 5

Another first for the blogosphere is set to be launched October 5 with the launch (of what I believe to be) the first blog network based in India: Instablogs.

According to an email received from Nandini Maheshwari from Instabogs, the new network will launch with “close to 50 channels” and the blogs will be staffed by full-time bloggers. No word yet as to whether the content will be targeted at the US market or the local market in India, which is potentially the next big marketplace in the blogosphere.

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  • Thanks Duncan,
    We will be targeting audiences around the globe.

    Don`t want to spill more beans before the D-day, but would like to add that we will be covering many subjects of global tastes ranging from Business, Technology, Politics, Sports, Travel, Social Issues, Humanity, Fashion and Lifestyle etc.

  • Its going on. Out sourcing to India is not new. many writers in India are wrighting as ghost writers and offering stable services. This is a good move by Indian SEO and love to join her network. Thanks for posting here.

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