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Fitness Tips for Busy Bloggers and Other E-Professionals

Fitness Tips for Busy Bloggers and Other E-Professionals

Many bloggers and e-professionals are busy people with hectic lives. The long hours of work and spending most of their time in front of their computers means fitness is not part of their priorities. As a result, many e-professionals will slowly get out of shape over the years. However, exercises make people smarter and more alert during the day and should be a priority for e-professionals. Here are several fitness tips for busy bloggers to stay on track with their fitness goals.

Start your day off with exercise

Exercising for busy professionals can be as little as a 30 minutes-walk every day before settling down. Make a habit of performing daily exercises at home, which include a morning run and some stretches until to get accustomed to the schedule. As a professional, you may not know what urgent work lies ahead during the day that may result in skipping your routine exercises. Therefore, complete the regular workout session as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Do an office workout

If you can spend five or ten minutes working out every hour at the office, you will be amazed by how much exercise you can do. Therefore, find free workout videos online and do a few lunges or squats while in the office during small breaks. For example, you can do a few push-ups as you wait for lunch to shed off the extra calories. There are dozens of five or 10-minute workouts videos online that make it easy to exercise and get in shape while at the office. A 10-minute office workout can bring radical change in your health.

Sign up to a nearby gym

Commuting an hour to the gym may not work every day when time is of value for busy bloggers. Therefore, signing to a gym that is within walking distance makes it easy to work out. You can sign up for the gym near the office and make it one of the daily stops before getting home from work. If the office provides gym services, then grab the opportunity to exercise. In case your office does not offer the gym services, then utilize any fitness facility nearest to your office. Make it a point to pay a regular visit to the gym and exercise under a professional trainer to remain in shape.

Commute to work

Commuting to and from work can be one way of keeping fit, especially if you live close enough to your office. If it is possible, consider cycling and jogging to work to help burn those calories effectively. Forget about taking the bus or driving daily, and instead, make your commute a daily workout routine. The daily commuting to work can strengthen your feet and ankles as opposed to driving or taking a bus.

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Use stairs instead of elevators

For busy bloggers who spend most of their time sitting down, make a habit of taking the stairs as a way of exercising. Taking stairs each time you enter or exit a building can be a great leg workout that is also considered suitable for cardio exercising. In essence, make any of the casual activities such as taking stairs part of your workout if you don’t have too much time to exercise.

Accept no excuses

Practical exercises require that you become a bit more selfish for the sake of fitness. While it is one of the hardest things to do, make some adjustments to get up a bit earlier for your morning run or skipping lunch to do 10-minute workouts at the office. In essence, it is possible to do a high-intensity workout that burns calories in less than 20 minutes and still have time for a bit of a break.

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