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Flock Founder Tired of Criticism

Flock Founder Tired of Criticism

Flock’s Chris Messina writes that he is tired of criticism targeting Flock. We say: Tough. When you hype something up as being the solution to world poverty and Global Warming and you fail to deliver, the level of the backlash is relative to the level of the hype to begin with. Indeed in Flock’s case he really is getting off lightly.

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  • Gimme a break. If we were trying to solve world poverty and global warming we would have already finished by now and started work on The Solution To Everything Bad Two Point Oh.

    Instead we’re building an open source web browser that taps into web services. I mean, it’s obvious that we chose the harder problem to work on since no one else was doing it. Pshhaw.

    Oh, and is it true that the Onion is buying you guys?

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