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For Every Relationship Blogger a Different Style

For Every Relationship Blogger a Different Style

It’s still February, The Valentine’s roses have drooped and died. The relationship bloggers are plenty tired of cabin fever. One bunch of us got together and started planning an event in May, to chase away the blues of the February gray skies.

Phil Gerbyshak, Mike Sansone and I, Liz Strauss, — we’re all relationship bloggers. Yet, if you watch us interact, you’ll see that we each do several things differently.

Take for example, the place where we meet other bloggerss. Phil meets them at their blogs. I meet them at my blog and visit their blogs when I can. Mike visits their blogs when he can, but mostly meets bloggers face to face.

Phil often contacts bloggers to chat vis email rather than posting a comment. I answer every comment on my blog and I try every week to leave an [officially-secret, heavily-guarded] number of comments on blogs I read. Yet my favored way of connecting with bloggers is via voice through Skype or telephone call. Mike picks up from there. His response of choice is to be in the same room with a blogger.

Phil is always visiting other blogs. I tell folks I live inside their computer. They’s why I’m always there when they visit my blog. Mike meets with one or more bloggers in a local restaurant or in offices and luncheons all over Iowa.

If you look at the bloggers that the three of us know, Mike’s are geographical buddies. Mine are comment conversationalists. Phil’s are email experts who post about him.

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So what makes a relationship blogger?

  • Relationship bloggers seek out chances to meet people. They understand that people (not blogs attract readers.
  • Relationship bloggers pursue interaction with people they have never met to form new connections.
  • Relationship bloggers take friendship and friendship values, such as loyalty, to the next level.
  • Relationship bloggers turn online relationships into offline relationships.

Kammie Kobieski teaches communication at the university. She’s a relationship blogger. I’m quite sure that her style is distinctly different from all three of ours. She has an entourage, and I keep expecting her to drive up to my blog in a stretch limousine or a Harley. Relationship blogging comes in many, many varieties.

Liz Strauss writes at Successful Blog about Changing the World and relationship blogging and SOBcon, 07 the relationship blogger’s conference May 11-12.

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  • Liz~

    How did you know I have a stretch limo AND a Harley? You are higly intuitive indeed! Can’t wait to hang with you at the SOB Con and up the ante on relationship blogging…this young grasshopper has MUCHO to learn from you…oh wise sensai.

    Looking forward to geeking with you,

  • Kammie,
    I forgot to tell you about Morey in the lamppost. He’s a guy that’s left over from my college days. He’s safe enough followed me for a while. If you see him, just say, “Hi Morey!” He won’t answer, but he’ll appreciate it anyway. :)

  • Hey Liz,

    I’d have to say I’m probably a cross between you and Phil on my relationship blogging style… thought I hadn’t thought to put a label on it before. :-)

    Acutally “met” Phil through MyBlogLog a few days ago and we’ve been swapping emails. He’s really cool, definitely glad to know him.

    Definitely looking forward to “the in-person thing” at SOBCon!

    Have an awesome day!

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