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Frame busting Google Images

Frame busting Google Images

The SEO Black Hat blog makes a very, very, very good point:

“How many of you have been the victim of Google Image searches? I say victim because we’€™ve tracked how poorly this bandwidth suck converts into any kind of cash. If you’€™ve ever used Google Image search you know how the deal. Google first displays ~20 thumbnails of images. If a surfer clicks on the thumbnail she is brought to a page with a thumbnail of your image in a frame above your page. This frame says ‘€œSee full-size image’€? and gives the URL of your image. This way, the surfer can view your image without the bother of looking at your site.”

I’ve been seeing Google Image searches actually being the highest referer on a number of blogs I write, and well as others I am involved in. The solution: place this in your header and it breaks the frame and displays the full page, not just the image:

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script language=’€?JavaScript1.1’€³ type=’€?text/JavaScript’€?>if (parent.frames.length
> 0) top.location.replace(document.location);” at the end.

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  • Great find … that’s for heads up .. I’ve been getting more and more google image traffic on both my and blogs .. I’ll see how this works out for me.

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