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Gawker Media in sales talks?

Gawker Media in sales talks?

OK, its an unsubstantiated rumor and comes hot off the press following following the news that AOL has bought Weblogs Inc., but I have it on good authority from someone who should know that Nick Denton’s Gawker Media has been approached by News Corp who are interested in buying Nick’s stable of gossip blogs (although the source believes they were interested only in the gossip blogs, not the porn and gambling ones).

Ive got no word as to whether this was anything more than an approach at this stage, but it certainly makes a lot of sense in that it would be true in the current market, particularly with Rupert Murdoch’s recent buy up of a number of leading properties. More as soon as I can (possibly) get more info.

Update: Scoble refers to another acquisition in this post. Not sure if its the same thing or not, could even be SixApart?

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  • This is huge! I just got word about the deal from Scoble/Memorandum and posted it over at Turboblogger (I’ll add a link to you when I’m finished typing this comment).

    My views (for what they’re worth)? Pretty soon, B5, 9rules and Bloglogic will be the only true blogging networks left out there who haven’t sold.

    Then again, everything has a price right? (another) “then again” This could bring back grassroots blogging.

    So are Slashdot and BoingBoing next?

  • I’ve got credible sources that say this story is not true. I’m pretty sure it’s just speculation. but I guess we’ll find out.

  • Nick denies it on his blog. But would he refuse $20m?

    I can’t help thinking this is a bit like a cartoon of a crowd of ants trying to avoid a giant vacuum cleaner, and as they get sucked in they shout back, “This is a great day for ants”.

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