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Gawker Media/ VNU launch European language versions of Gizmodo

Gawker Media/ VNU launch European language versions of Gizmodo

Gawker Media and VNU have announced that the two companies have agreed to publish across Europe with, in their words ” an eye towards becoming the ultimate European destination for everything gadget, gizmo, and cutting-edge consumer electronics-related”.

Under the terms of the partnership, Gizmodo’€™s content will be translated from English into 6 additional languages, then augmented with local coverage for each market. Besides English, now will be available in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian and covering the Belgium market in Dutch as well.

Dominique Busso, CEO of VNU Net, said, ‘€œWe believe that this partnership with Gawker Media will help us accelerate our efforts in the Blog Publishing business area. We have since the beginning of the year completed various deals that put VNU in the position to be a cutting edge player in the Web 2.0 market, and this deal attached with our RSS Reader and Reader Expert Blogs initiatives will help us to embrace this new bottom-up user generated world of publishing.’€?

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  • Very, VERY funny, dear Dominique Busso. Your website is probably the awfullest site of the world. Old and non-working Javascript, no search engine, dead links… Congratulation, you have discovered the cutting edge of the Web -4 !

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