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Gawker’s Gizmodo gets an overhaul

Gawker’s Gizmodo gets an overhaul

Gawker Media’s gadget blog Gizmodo has announced some big design changes on site with a new 2 column MT layout and editorial and subscription information now at the bottom of the page.

The changes also include the dropping of the “Robot Ninja” from the masthead.

Paul Short of Blog Logic describes the sites changes as heralding a new, friendler Gizmodo, but I’m not sure. Whilst centering the page makes sense, burrying the editorial, subscription, and most of the navigation options at the bottom of the site in preference of leaving the right bar for advertising alone makes for an radical change that throws accepted methodology on its head. The use of “tags” in place of categories is also interesting as well. Whether this is to the detriment or advantage of the site only time will tell.

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