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GigaOm redesigns, adds new blogger

GigaOm redesigns, adds new blogger

Om Malik’s blog GigaOm has redesigned with a new look and a new blogger.

On the blogger front, Liz Gannes joins GigaOm from Red Herring magazine. Om’s plan to announce Liz next week was blown by Weblogs Work.

Design wise, Om has a new look featuring subdomain categories (via a WordPress plugin?) – wider sidebars, and a different ad configuration. I especially like the blues and the new headers & navigational elements. But I’m not a designer, someone smarter than me will have to critique the finer points of this one.

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  • Hey Matt .. I’m no designer like you but I like what I see.

    I’m a blue’ish fan myself and I like the integration of various blues – really kicks TechCrunch’s green thing to bits.

    Only design issue/flaw I see is that with my 1024×768 resolution there’s a horizontal scroll bar there.

  • Hi,

    I agree. I love the blues.

    I actually don’t mind the Tech Crunch design. It’s green but for some reason it works for me….

    I didn’t notice the scroll bar? I think I’m at 1200x something here though..


  • Yes this appears to be using a wordpress plugin to manage subdomains, using wildcard DNS pretty cool and something I tested on PopCrunch seems to work really well for SEO purposes. Very wise of that team to do that.


    Design looks amazing to bad the guys a little nutty.

  • Matt – I had another look at TechCrunch. The green is growing on me but given a choice between the two – GigaOm for me.

    1200x … that must mean you have a bigger … :-)

    David my man – explain yourself as I like what you say but not a clue how/what … direct me to the subd plugin and I’ll be your friend. Explain wildcard DNS and you don’t want to know what I’ll do :-)

  • That wordpress plugin rocks. It’s slicker than a pig in shit if you ask me..

    And Martin, i’ve got some serious LCD on my desk. The Dell has dual 20″, the Powermac has a 23″ and a 19″. Yes, I like my BIG SCREENS :)


  • 23″ – holy f’ing crap that’s a biggie.

    folks: we’re talking about monitor screen sizes here – what did you think we’re talking about? ;-)

    Are you saying you have 4 monitors going ?!? cool for you. I’m happy with a dual and maybe one day a third. Any more and it’ll be not LCD, but LSD for me…

  • Hi,

    I have 3 computers on my desk. A Powerbook G4 (15″), a Dell XPS w/ dual 20″, and a PowerMac G4 with a 23″ and a 19″.

    They all use the same keyboard and mouse. ;)


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