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Google Adsense rates going up?

Google Adsense rates going up?

Is any one else seeing their Adsense returns going up this week? As much as I’ve made some serious changes to Adsense placement in the last couple of weeks that has helped my CTR rates, I’ve had 3 record days in a row on Adsense and the trend for the last week taking into account average return per click is way up as well. Before anyone gets to excited though blogging related Adsense terms are still way below that of others, but I’m seeing it across all my blogs as well. Perhaps Google has changed the percentage return to users? Leave your thoughts and observations in the comments.

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  • I recently read (can’t remember where) speculations that google had increased adsense returns by 15% in response to Yahoo’s entry into the targeted ad arena. Unfortunately I don’t get enough hits on my blog to verify that!

  • I’ve also noticed a slight increase (having made no changes to placement etc), but traffic across my sites is low, so it’s probably not a great sample.

    Long may it continue though!

  • My blog traffic isn’t quite stable enough to detect such a small change, and you’d probably want samples from at least 50 random blogs before you attempted any analysis, but I can say that this month is much better than last month for me!

  • My rates are definitely up. In the past week my earnings have been up 100% to 200%, and my eCPM is up even more than that. I’ve been pretty shocked. It’s interesting to see someone having the same “problem” :)

    I say, keep it comin’!

  • Nice to hear all this… In August my site increased traffic by 20% and ‘funny enough’ my cpm is gone down by something like 20%. Therefore total earnings remain unchanged which is a pain.

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