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Google is holding an Adsense Webinar on Thursday, July 21 at 2:30 p.m. (Pacific Time). Registration is available here, and it’s limited to the first 750 people.

Jen over at Jensense is recommending it, and also has details on the previous webinar, where she says that a lot of it was basic information, however also suggests there was some good stuff in there as well.

5:30am my time. I’ve registered, I’ll just need to set the alarm.

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Update managed to fumble my way through the dark and join the webinar about 3 minutes late. Mainly basic stuff but they provided a good overview of the recent navigation changes to Adsense (with pics), and there were also some good questions as well. As soon as I can find a transcript I’ll provide a link. Would recommend it to others, if only as a decent refresher, and definiately compliments to the Adsense team for providing the service. One-on-one with some senior people from Adsenes is a great opportunity. On another note the pronouncing of the word cache came as a suprise to me, didn’t realise it was pronounced like cash (as in money) in the US… there you go.

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  • ROFL. The only people in the U.S. who say “Cash A” instead of “Cash” usually wear berets and drink hoity toity coffees and read poetry aloud. ;)

  • Should have noted, I don’t say it with “a” at the end, but with a stronger A in cache, like tomato for US speakers

  • Ah, I see. But you have a good reason. You guys use the A up front more and Canadians use it at the end, ay? ;) I’m in Alabama, USA, so I can tell you all kinds of funny stories about how people say things. Luckily, you wouldn’t know where I’m from by talking to me (most of the time). I grew up with people from all over the world and I’m half German. People always say I sound like I’m from somewhere other then wherever they are. They almost never guess from the south, which I appreciate.

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