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Google Agrees To Acquire Urchin

Google Agrees To Acquire Urchin

Google Inc. has announced that it has agreed to acquire Urchin Software Corporation, a San Diego, California based web analytics company.

Urchin is a web site analytics solution used by web site owners and marketers to better understand their users’ experiences, optimize content and track marketing performance. Urchin tools are available as a hosted service, a software product and through large web hosting providers. These products are used by thousands of popular sites on the Internet.

Interestingly Google said it plans to make these tools available to web site owners and marketers to better enable them to increase their advertising return on investment and make their web sites more effective. Whether this is in addition to current Adsense tools or as a new standalone product is yet to be seen, but the inclusion of such tools assists Google at a time where competitors, such as MSN, are launching challenges to its previously unmatched advertising services, favoured by many bloggers.

“We want to provide web site owners and marketers with the information they need to optimize their users’ experience and generate a higher return-on-investment from their advertising spending,” said Jonathan Rosenberg, vice president of product management, Google. “This technology will be a valuable addition to Google’s suite of advertising and publishing products.”

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Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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