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Google buys Blog tracking company

Google buys Blog tracking company

News from the Google Blog that Google has acquired Measure Map, a blog tracking tool/ site/ facility that I can only describe as being what you’d get if you cross bred Technorati and Sitemeter.

The service is still in invitation only beta testing so since I’ve never received an invite I cant say much at all as to what’s it like, however its interesting that Google has essentially purchased another Analytics company….have they finally conceded that Google Analytics is stuffed? Got to get around to posting about that as well, I’ve got blogs that have shown 4000 ad views in Adsense and the same day they showed 300 page views in Analytics. :-)

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  • Having been an original user of Measure Map and Analytics I can see why they bought it. It’s a great service that does some amazing things. I’ve used it and tested it and its worthy of buying and offers a service more aimed at the bloggers rather than just websites.

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