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Google click fraud 2.0

Google click fraud 2.0

Oh this is good, next generation click fraud – American lawyer style! In short: Theresa Bradley of Brava Corporation is suing Google for removing the Adsense ads from their site due to click fraud. Bradley has confirmed that she clicked the Adsense ads to make sure that there where no competitors behind them, which of course is click fraud according to the Adsense terms (you should use the preview tool if you where wondering).

Bradley sues Google for $250,000 because of the hundreds of hours they spent on incorporating the ads on the Brava Corporation site. Which has 27 or 30 pages according to Google and Yahoo, as was pointed out by Jennifer at Jenstar. Perhaps they should hire new webmasters?

This all sounds ridiculous and it’€™ll be interesting to see what happens. The story originates from eWeek where Steve Bryant posted the story. He’€™s also gotten in touch with Bradley so let’€™s see how it all unfolds over there, shall we?

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  • Obviously Theresa is stupid. But there is a bigger issue here.

    What bothers me is that a company in the service industry. (Yes Google is in the service industry just like McDonald’s.) Would be so cocky and so rich that they can blow off a customer for making a mistake. What would be wrong with a strong warning saying, “Hey don’t do that anymore.” I will bet if they were smaller and struggling for every customer they could get this wouldn’t happen. But because they control the internet and are rich. They can do anything they want and treat customers like shit.

  • Thord,

    From what I get in the story as written is the lady is just stupid. If there is more evidence of it being straight fraud I’d love to see it.

  • What has to be realized is that it’s not Google’s money – it’s the advertisers.

    The rules are simple: don’t click on your own ads.

    Now imagines if she wins this battle (highly doubtful) – everybody can click on their ads “just to make sure” – yeah, advertisers would just love that!!!

    Sheesh, stupid is what stupid does!

  • Big Roy,

    Well, if you follow the links you’ll see that she’s sueing Google for her hundreds of hours of work and damages that can’t be undone. I fail to see how this could be anything else than someone taking a shot at Google’s money.

  • I went and read the links. It’s even more obvious that Theresa ain’t too bright. If she is after a quick buck I think she chose the wrong defendants.

    I still stand by my original statement though. Google is no longer hungry and they are to powerful. Which can never be a good thing.

  • Glad you guys enjoyed the article. I’ve since corresponded with Mrs. Bradley, and the tale gets even weirder. I’ll have th rest of the story on Tuesday.

    After speaking with her though, I can tell you she seems articulate and educated, if somewhat ignorant of how the Web works. I think she may have a chip on her shoulder, too, against big companies. Anywho. Strange days.

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