Google implements major changes to Adsense

Google has implemented major changes to its Adsense interface and terms.
The interface has changed to a more Google-mail type layout with dramatic changes to the reporting modules, with an initial overview screen presenting various summaries of results, including day only results, and top performing site results, where as the previous layout is available only through a new advanced reports module. CSV reports are also available from the main reporting screen. Ad layout options remain mostly unchanged.
The terms of service has also changed with users being forced to agree to the new TOS upon logging into Adsense. There are 4 major changes, with the most interesting one being the clause on publicity, with users now having to agree (I think for the first time) that ‘€œGoogle may use Your name and logo in presentations, marketing materials, customer lists, financial reports and Web site listings of customers’€?’€¦basically letting Google use your blog logo and name where ever and when ever it wants.

No doubt there will be more reports elsewhere as the day progresses.

Update Darren at Problogger is covering the changes as well.

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  • When I tried to sign in, to view my reports (I think it was yesterday), I noticed that before I could proceed, they required reviewing the Terms of Service, stating that changes had been made. I wanted to look online, to see if I could find info about these changes… I actually used Google News, and found this piece from yesterday. It is unfortunate to see that that entry states that “drastic changes” have been made; I am one who typically does not like change (and this is true for websites), but according to that AdJab entry, the changes have made things “quite a bit less user-friendly.” Well for now, I am interested in understanding the changes to the Terms of Service… Thanks for explaining one of them. I will look at that entry you link to, and elsewhere, to find out more.

    Thank you for this information!

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