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Google launches new ad formats: great news for Bloggers

Google launches new ad formats: great news for Bloggers

Google has listened and responded to blogger concerns about the limitations of it’s Adsense ad formats by launching a new range of ad formats to its options, opening up the service for bloggers who have been reluctant to use the service due to the previous limitations, in a win-win for both Google and the blogosphere alike. The new formats include a new 1 ad button and a short 2 ad vertical option which will fit nicely with blogs looking for less intrusive options, with some large options for those looking at maximising Adsense revenue.

And for those concerned whether Google pays: the Blog Herald’s first cheque arrived this week! Although we can’t disclose the amount due to Google restrictions, and after the foreign cheque conversion fee and the decreasing value of the USD to AUD, there wont be a whole lot left, it’s still nice to receive the funds to cover a few months hosting fees none the less.

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  • Good news about adsense except it doesnt apply to us bloggers who use free sites i.e. Blogger etc. After reading your article, I applied but was refused…it would seem we are the scum of the earth.

  • lawn greengrass: well, i wouldn’t call you the scum of the earth :) but considering google is already paying for your webspace AND bandwidth on blogger, isn’t it too much to ask that they ALSO pay you advertising revenues?

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