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Google launches RSS reader

Google launches RSS reader

Snuck into beta release over the weekend, Google has launched Google Reader, its own Ajax based take on RSS readers.

The new service works with a Google account, and comes complete with OPML importation feature and folders. Although in beta and with a fair bit of work to do, with new service will probably not be well received by the many other players in the RSS reader market, in the same way a 500 pound gorilla knocking on your front door isn’t well recieved by anyone.

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  • I love the layout of the new feed. It also makes it easier to read, and it even has labels to replace the archaic folders (something that was getting old with feed readers). The only close second is, although now I think I am switching over to Googles…

  • I know people like Readers and that there still remains a “market” for them. However I think that the Firefox Live Bookmark feature makes such Readers redundant and I can’t see how web based RSS Readers remain relevant when Firefox builds its Live Bookmark feature into both its browser and web client.

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