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Google News does RSS at long, long, long… last

Google News does RSS at long, long, long… last

At long, long, long….well you get the picture…last Google News has joined the rest of the planet and is now offering Google News feeds in both RSS and Atom. More details are available here, but for those of you rushing to Bloglines or another RSS reader to switch across to RSS feeds and cancelling your email alerts, the code goes like this:

I should also add that the feed “bundles” the same stories in the same way that the Google News page does as well, so if instead of getting the same story 55 times in the email alert or non-authorized scraped, you get it packaged nicely with a “related articles” link following.

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  • Finally! Having news alerts e-mailed to me never really interested me but having them as an rss feed! Ahhh, thank you Google! And thank you for bringing them to my attention – going to add them to my feed reader now.

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