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Google snubs Blogger with deskbar release

Google snubs Blogger with deskbar release

In a major snub to the Blogger team, Google has released its latest in wizbang tools, the Google Deskbar, without any links or built in blogging features. Despite early expectations that Google would improve the Blogger experience, recently Blogger has come under heavy criticism in the blogosphere for its unreliable hosting and faulting coding. Googles backing away from committing to the product by not including it in the Deskbar does not sit well for the position Google sees Blogger playing in the companies longer term future.

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  • Dial down the drama and go do two minutes of reading before posting, your post sounds like a Fox News gossip minute.

    They’ve already put a bit of code into the deskbar for Blogger, it’s just not ready yet. Does ‘beta’ mean the same thing in your little blogosphere as it does in the real world?

    Blogger has written a custom ‘search’ to hook into their BlogThis feature. Now run along and go find it, if you pick up on it quick, you can say you were there.

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