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Google to Bloggle?

Google to Bloggle?

Various internet new services monitored by The Blog Herald are reporting that Google is to introduce a Blog Search engine along a similar path to the splitting off of usenet groups upon their purchase of dejanews some years ago

Google CEO Eric Schmidt made the announcement on Monday, at the JP Morgan Technology and Telecom conference in the United States.

What is not clear at this stage is whether Google will favour Blogger blogs now that Google owns the Blogger service.

The Blog Herald has contacted Google for comment and will post the response when received.

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It is yet know what the response of the Blogging community will be if Google removes Blogs from general search, although theregister and slashdot are reporting positive reaction from the select few asked.

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  • You heard that the Guardian UK was saying “nonsense” to this report, right? Maybe a separate blog search, but filtering blogs from general results would be a major hassle.

    Happy launch-month!


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