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Google’s Blogger suffers serious outages

Google’s Blogger suffers serious outages

Google’s Blogger/ Blogspot blog hosting service has experienced major outages over the last three days, locking users out of their blogs and causing general disruption to users of the service.

MCBConsulting writes at the Weblog Empire forums that they’ve had serious problems posting at blogger, and have also been unable to contact their blog at various times.

Zoli writes
that the service was down most of Saturday.

ME Strauss writes an open letter to Blogger about the situation.

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As I’ve written at Zoli’s blog everytime I tried to contact a Blogger blog I could, so it must have been intermittent outages during that day (US Time). Certainly I’ve said it in the past, and I’ll say it again, as much as Blogger provides a good beginners blogging service, if you are serious about blogging, both in terms of traffic and revenue, you’ll be paying to get your blog hosted yourself. It still amazes me when I see blogs like Just Jared or Pink is the New Blog, two celebrity blogs that have huge amounts of traffic and I’d think, looking at the ads on the site, a large amount of revenue as well, continue to rely on the free Blogspot service for their hosting…I mean it doesn’t cost a fortune to go and get your blog hosted on TypePad or using WordPress with a hosting company such as Dreamhost…does it!

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  • They killed me.

    Well my old blog. After a year of blogging and slowly building up links and traffic, and the effort of getting listed at dozens of directories, I’ve been locked out. The blog still appears, but I can not post or update anything. Template changes result in 0% publish.

    Letters written to Support get no reply.

    I had to start all over, but being low on funds and technical knowledge, I began the blog-uine again there. I am going to force myself to learn how to run WordPress though, as it was such a crushing experience. I have spent more than a week now, just trying to notify my blogroll and go to directories and make (or request) changes/redirects to the new URL.

    My symapthy to anyone else who got got in this vortex. Best wishes to you for a good recovery.

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