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Google’s secret ad network

Google’s secret ad network

It appears Google won’€™t settle for ruling the CPC market, now they’€™re hitting the CPM ad networks as well. Yes, that’€™s costs per thousand, as in display based advertising, much like the likes of Doubleclick (are they still live?) does.

You can’€™t join though, it’€™s by Google invitation only, according to this post by John Chow, who runs The TechZone which is in this network. Apparently you negotiate a flat CPM rate with Google, and it works from there.

Will this be available to the rest of us? Well, John seems to think that you need a major site to get invited to this, and he might just be right. Google can already deliver brand building ads to smaller publishers via the Adsense network, which supports text links, image ads, and is fiddling with video ads. So this new, top secret and yet unnamed ad network sure looks tailored to the major websites out there. Interesting.

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