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Grouper adds blogs to service

Grouper adds blogs to service

Legal file sharing network Grouper has announced a new version of its software aimed at filtering personal media in a social on-line environment.

The new version includes a group blogging service by the name of “Glogs”, group rich-media blogs enabling discussion of files posted for streaming and sharing.

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  • In addition to Glogs, Grouper also has member lists and directory in a
    Friendster/MySpace type style that shows dynamic lists that include select files being shared by a member or within a group. Members can highlight their favorite files and show them off to their groups. The software will also surface newly shared files, the most popular files among members and groups and files with descriptions by members. The new directory and search engine helps users with similar interests make new friends. Users can make their groups open to new people by listing them in the directory. This is so cool! I can’t wait to use it!

  • All sounds good Bonnie, to be honest I couldn’t really get my head around exactly what Grouper did, but given the media the service has previously had I thought that the addition of a blogging tool was significant of publication.

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