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Grouper Unveils New Features to Help Connect Common Interests

Grouper Unveils New Features to Help Connect Common Interests

Grouper Networks, creators of the Grouper application, a private personal file sharing network, today announced that it has released new features to its Beta software that enable people with similar interests to connect to one another. New features include the ability for anyone with a Blog to invite site visitors to join the site owner’s private group in Grouper.

The company also announced today new partnerships with Live365, the world’s largest Internet radio network and HOT or NOT(TM), a leading Internet matchmaking site. Grouper and Live365 have partnered to allow broadcasters to form private groups to connect more deeply with their listeners. The agreement with HOT or NOT enables potential couples become more acquainted with each other within Grouper.

“Grouper has always been about creating an easy way to connect people and their media,” said Josh Felser, CEO, Grouper Networks. “Now we have taken Grouper to the next level — we are enabling people who are already sharing media via the Internet to connect in a more meaningful way. We believe these types of connections provide users with richer, more entertaining experiences.”

Going Beyond the Text

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In the most recent version of the Grouper Beta software, the company has added the “Open Invite” feature, which brings bloggers and their readers together in an interactive, rich media environment at no cost. Grouper enables bloggers to go beyond the text and share more information, regardless of file type. Blog audiences can request to join the individual’s private group in Grouper to view videos or files, avoiding hosting or server costs associated with supporting large files. Grouper is the first private file-sharing network to create a more personal and efficient medium for bloggers and broadcasters to connect with their audience. A blogger simply offers a link on their blog inviting audience members to request membership to a private group within Grouper. The blogger can accept or reject the request. Members will be added at the discretion of the leader and will be based on what value the member adds to the group. Once a member has joined the group, he or she can share media files — photos, videos, music, documents and or links related to the blog subject. The Open Invite feature is free and turns each member’s PC into a server or broadcaster. There are no central storage, upload or bandwidth fees.

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