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Guest Blogging Isn’t Over When the Post Goes Live

Guest Blogging Isn’t Over When the Post Goes Live

As a full-time blogger I see this all the time: Someone works hard to get an article on a blog, the blog goes live, and then you never see the author again. There are many bloggers who don’t fall into this category, but nonetheless this is something common amongst bloggers. The reason this is so common is because many people are guest blogging simply for the backlink. Backlinks are a great way to improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of a website, and guest posting is one of the easiest ways to make this happen. Therefore, it makes sense that many bloggers wouldn’t worry about the article after it is live—they got the backlink, which is what they came for.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few things wrong with this picture. Guest blogging is about more than simply getting a backlink. A website should want to guest blog on other websites for several reasons:

  • Gain visibility from a new audience.
  • Show off your expertise; therefore improving your company’s reputation.
  • Educate your target audience.
  • Create connections with other editors that are part of your niche.
  • You also must worry about the blog where you are posting the article. That blog does not want to be stuck with a stagnant article and an absent author.

In many cases, putting your content and your company name on a new blog in front of a new audience is actually more important than any backlink you could earn. Whether you’re just starting a business or are trying to get involved in the blogging sphere, it is extremely important that an author understands that there are quite a few other advantages that the author should take after a post goes live.

How to Take Advantage of Guest Blogging Benefits after the Post Is Live

More experience bloggers understand that there are author responsibilities after a post goes live, so it’s important understand what you can do right off the bat. Consider some of the ways you can make sure you’re following proper blogger etiquette and taking full advantage of your guest posting opportunity:

Step #1: Promote the article via social media.

When a post goes live, it is very important that the author shares it on all social media accounts. This is a great way to not only promote the article and get more eyes looking at something you wrote, but it’s a great way to offer publicity to the website where the article was published. This will help give you more guest posting opportunities in the future and help your article gain visibility. Try and promote the article on social media networks that are appropriate to the subject of the article. For example, articles about getting a job or recruitment work well for LinkedIn, whereas Twitter is more a place to share things that might be a little out of the box, but you found interesting.

Step #2: Respond to all reader comments on the post.

Some editors get very angry if an author does not respond to reader comments because readers who comment are the ones who usually keep coming back for more. For most blogs, loyal readers are the most important aspect of the business. If someone asks the author a question and the author does not respond, the reader might get upset. Responding to reader comments is also a great way to show all visitors that you know what you’re talking about and that you really do care about teaching something through your articles. You may want to subscribe to reader comments on the site so that you will be notified via email each time someone comments.

            Step #3: Link back to the post internally and externally.

Linking back to a guest post in a future post is another great way to increase the visibility of that post. Linking internally will help drive your loyal readers to your other work that isn’t on your blog, and linking externally will help give you even more SEO benefits. It is important to note that whenever linking back to a post is should be relevant and helpful to readers and not just linking just to link.

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Step #4: Keep in touch with readers and the editor.

Keeping in touch with those that have read your article is a great way to open up future opportunities. Find those who commented on your post and the website where you posted the article via social networks. This will give everyone yet another avenue to potentially find your work and find your website.

Although many of these steps require extra work by the author, they are a crucial part of the guest posting process. Many experienced bloggers actually find that what happens after a post is live is much more interesting that what happens before. In other words, don’t feel overwhelmed by all the work that goes along with guest blogging—it’s a lot of fun and is well worth it in the end.

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