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Hackers Declaring War On MySpace, Facebook?

Hackers Declaring War On MySpace, Facebook?

It seems as if everybody’s favorite criminal is targeting everybody’s favorite social networks. Hackers are declaring a cyberwar against MySpace and Facebook, in an attempt to lure users into revealing their bank information.

(SC Magazine) “If the hackers know you have a particular interest, this can be used to target you in a phishing attack. They know what you’re into and can exploit this to obtain more information from you such as credit card details,” he said. “People are putting far too much information online and into the hands of identity thieves. Young people in particular, need to be very careful as it may come back to haunt them.”

But the good news about this is that they plan on waiting until 2007 before they launch their digital jihad which gives us shoppers time to waste money on gifts instead of funding these digital Robin Hoods.

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Either way, users should be careful about placing all of their info online (i.e., address, phone number, your lover), as it could be used against gullible users, something the world seems to be full of (especially on MySpace, although many Facebook users seem to be fairly savvy).

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