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Halloween Costume Blogs Begin to Launch

Halloween Costume Blogs Begin to Launch

With Labor Day right around the corner here in the States, there’s not much to look forward to in the way of holidays after the summer ends. We might not get the day off, but there’s always Halloween!

With approximately one-third of all adults dressing up, and virtually all kids, it’s time to start scouting out that perfect costume. Characters that appear to be popular for 2008:

The Joker from The Dark Knight
Transformers’ Optimus Prime
High School Musical’s Gabriella
Indiana Jones
Hannah Montana

If you’re searching for yourself, your kids or a friend, be sure to check out the Halloween Costume Shopping Blog. FYI: The blog is run by a company that sells costumes, 0ver 5,000 of them!

From sexy to funny, the blog will profile different costumes all the way to October 31, 2008.

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It might be early to think about carving pumpkins and collecting candy, but with the summer about to end, we need something to hold on to! Plus, word on the street is that Joker costumes are already selling out. Y so serious!?

Another neat Halloween costume blog: Costumzee

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  • As a adult I never liked to dress up for Halloween, but this year we are already invited to a halloween party. So, I will be checking out all these costume sites. Thanks!

  • I thought about making something to wear for Halloween, but decided against it. The holiday’s for the kids, after all. If I want to do something festive for Halloween, I sit down with the kids and read to them, preferably something fun and spooky. Like this poem here:
    It’s not too scary, so I won’t have to worry about them losing sleep!

  • It is interesting how labor day has become the major start to the Halloween Holiday season. Costume stores, open up all over, haunted attractions start firing up and of course people start thinking about their costume parties. It won’t be long… Here it comes.

  • Every time I do a search for these popular costumes I get sites that dont actually sell them, and if they do they seem really cheap. Is it just me? Are there sites out there that have good quality costumes? It is crazy that 1/3 of everybody wears a costume on Halloween. I wonder what they wear in China. Mao?

  • Thank you for giving information about the online store for purchasing halloween costume. This will help me in comparing prices with other online stores as well as i am able to discover new costumes also.

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