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Has Your Blog Been Banned or Blocked?

Has Your Blog Been Banned or Blocked?

I recently published How to Access Banned Blogs, and a friend asked me how would she know if her blog is banned by a country, government, Internet Provider, company, school, or otherwise. Good question.

On Monday, I’ll be publishing a feature article on how to find out if your blog is banned and offer some options to get your blog off a ban or blocked list, but what about you?

Has your blog been blocked or banned by a government, educational institute, corporation, or web filtering service or program? How did you find out? Did you find out why your blog was blocked? Were you unable to get your blog unblocked?

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Share your story with us.

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  • I was told a mobile phone company in Ireland blocked my site on their mobile phone internet service, browsing the net from your phone, based on a post I wrote on them, more based on the large number of comments and google search term for their network reaching my site – I suspect, I never contacted them to find out more as I am not that interested to be honest.

    I’ll be looking forward to your article on Monday.

  • Six week ago, I was in Istanbul for a congress.
    I had some sheduled articles for my blog for that week, but still had to write a few more.
    But when I tried to log in to my blog the first evening, this turned out to be impossible. I was only shown a blank page, nothing on it…
    Banned of blocked? I don’t know. I tried on several computers in Turkey, but none of them showed my blog. (But a ‘blocked’ or ‘banned’ message wasn’t shown either.)
    My blog is about herbs, nature and natural gardening, so I can’t imagine why it should been blocked. And it is in Dutch, a language only a few people in Turkey will understand…

    (After a few days, I realised I was able to post articles to my blog via Flickr, so at least I could tell my readers what was going on and why I wasn’t reacting on comments.)

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